Hold company employee birthday activities


In order to enhance employees' sense of belonging and recognition to the company, we will gather together to make the employees truly integrate into the company's big family, better create benefits for the company, and further enrich our corporate culture and deepen the corporate culture.

I. Group activities: The birthday of the employees in September and October will be held together.

1. Activity time: once every 2 months, 1 hour (starting in the afternoon).

2, the form of activities: dinner, party

3. Participants: birthday employees of the month, leaders of the company, department managers and colleagues of the birthday employees of the month, and personnel of the human resources department

4, the activity process: lead speech - birthday staff representatives speak (respected leaders, dear friends, everyone! At this moment of gathering, usher in our company's September and October employee birthday party. First of all, please allow On behalf of all the staff of ALLTOP Co., Ltd., I would like to express my warmest welcome and sincere gratitude to all of you. I also wish to express my deepest wishes to the two-month birthday stars. I wish the Shouxing people a smooth and promising career and life. Good luck again and again! Let us light the candles of the birthday, sing the birthday song, wish the birthday! Blow the candles together!)) - give a greeting card (the greeting card must lead the inscription) - dinner - taste the cake (please lead and Birthday staff representatives cut the birthday cake together - singing a birthday song - photography

Let us share the sweetness and happiness of the birthday and share the beauty of life!