What is the wholesale price of solar LED lighting street lamps? How to choose and buy


When it comes to solar LED street lamps, we should all be familiar with them, because they are very common in both towns and rural areas. Traditional street lamps are generally based on power supply. However, in recent years, due to the promotion of environmental protection and the improvement of technology, the market share of solar LED street lamps is increasing.
There are many places will also replace the traditional street lamps for solar street lamps, and solar LED lighting street lamps are generally purchased in large quantities, then how to buy?

For general in terms of rural areas, the installation of more than 5 meters or 6 meters of led lighting lamps, 20 watts light source or 30 watt light source to be able to, for the city, in the big cities or to install the led street light products, electric, some big cities skyscrapers block, city road is broad, the shade of trees, the road should not install solar street light products.

How hot convection temperature in summer, when there is wind, rain and other extreme condition, should pay attention to check the solar power solar panels, street lamp, lamp and its route of overall sealing characteristics, whether have split line or the status of the roadbed solid, eventually led solar street lamps once route are touching the water must have a problem.
LED solar street lamp conforms to the modern development concept, and has become a street lamp worthy of promotion.
As a road lighting tool, solar street lamp has safety and reliability, and it is a product that we can rest assured to use.

Even if each product with the same specification quotation list is not the same, in addition to the purchase price of raw materials is not the same, in the quality control, the manufacturers are not the same.
In the choice of solar LED lighting battery, need to consider the impact of solar daily discharge rate on battery capacity, the impact of environmental temperature on battery capacity, the impact of deep discharge on battery capacity and other factors, so we must choose high quality deep cycle solar battery.
The quality of the materials used for solar LED lighting poles, the quality of the lamp source, and the efficiency of the panels also affect the price of solar street lamps.

What is the wholesale price of solar LED lighting street lamps?
In fact, due to the different parameters and specifications, the price of solar LED lighting street lamps also has a relatively large difference.
The price of solar street lamps with general parameter specifications may only cost three or four hundred yuan, while the price of solar street lamps with higher parameter specifications can reach eight or nine hundred yuan.

But in fact, the price of common street lamps in our daily life is about 600 or 700 yuan. This kind of solar street lamps are generally composed of solar panels and several groups of bulbs or LED lights. Most of them are 5 meters or 6 meters high.
Common solar street lamps in cities are mostly composed of several sets of bulbs. Generally, they are divided into two headlamps to illuminate the sidewalk and the motorway respectively.
However, the road conditions in rural areas are relatively simple, so the street lamps usually only illuminate the motorway. However, the difference in price is not particularly obvious due to the small difference in parameters and specifications.

What is the wholesale price of solar LED lighting street lamps?
Can directly answer everyone, the current common price on the market is about six or seven hundred yuan, if your requirements are higher, you can buy eight or nine hundred yuan this price, but for ordinary daily needs to buy common on it.

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In fact, how much money on LED lamps and lanterns is not as expensive as people imagine. It is more self-made than other lamps and lanterns from a long time ago, because of its long life and low power consumption, it can be called an investment for a long time to benefit.
So is the LED lighting configuration light source initiative to choose LED to sell, because many fake sodium lamp projection lamp often present problems, solar LED lighting up and down once is very difficult, often bad that is time-consuming and difficult, purchase must be careful to do a good job of choice.