Common application scenarios and types of solar lamps


If you want to buy some solar lamps for your house or garden but are not sure how to choose, read this article carefully.
We will advise you to use different types of solar lamps in different places.
We'll also show you how to buy the cheapest solar lamp.

If you are looking for solar street lights for community and government roads, read this article carefully.
We have many years of experience in government solar street lighting projects. Here we will summarize how to design solar street lights and how to select solar street lamp suppliers.

solar lamps

There are many kinds of household solar lamps: solar wall lamp, solar floodlight, solar garden lamp, solar street lamp, solar safety lamp and so on.
Different names, different looks and similar functionality.
These solar lamps are usually 6 to 10 feet high on walls, doors or yards.
You can find out the pros and cons of buyers of these lights in the comments section.
Here, we'll list more expert advice to help you find the solar lamp that is better for you.

Outdoor solar public lighting

Outdoor solar public lighting places include roads, highways, parks, community roads, etc.
These places have the lowest lighting standards, often need to be lit all night and have a lifespan of three to five years or more.
For example, solar street lamps usually have an average brightness of at least 15 Lux.

Currently, the market for public solar street lamps is not very large due to the high cost of solar street lamps and the lack of trust in the quality of solar street lamps by the end customer.
It is believed that further improvements in LED luminous efficiency and a drop in the price of lithium-ion batteries will expand the market for solar street lamps in terms of quality.

We wrote an article about how to design solar street lamps technically.
Here, we briefly list the design essentials of outdoor solar lamps.
LED power should be set according to the height of the street lamp pole.
The power of the solar panel and the size of the battery determine how long the LEDs work.
Try using an MPPT controller, as the efficiency of an MPPT controller is more than double that of a PWM controller on rainy days.
Efficient LED chips can effectively reduce the cost of overall solar street lighting.

As for the installation of solar street lamps, as with domestic solar lamps, attention should be paid to where the solar panels are installed.
The solar panels should not have tiny shadows, such as leaves or wire.
You can click here to learn more about solar street lighting installation and maintenance.