Answers to 15 questions about the hottest solar lamps?


1. How does a solar lamp work?

All solar lamps require four basic components: a solar panel, a charging controller, a battery and an LED light source.
Solar panels generate electricity from sunlight.
The battery stores the electricity generated by the solar panel.
LED light source provides brightness.
And the charging controller ensures that all three other parts work together safely.

2. Does the solar lamp have batteries?

If you read the first question, you will know that solar lamps require batteries.
Without a battery as the energy storage component in a solar lighting device, the solar lamp would have no energy without sunlight.

3. Will the solar light last forever?

Here, we will answer you in two parts.
In the first part, in the life of the solar lamp, if there is not enough sunshine all day long, the solar lamp will not work for too long.
The second part, the service life of solar lamp components.
Batteries of different quality range from 1 to 5 years.
Solar panels vary in quality and have a life span of 10-25 years.
Solar charging controllers of different qualities take 3-5 years.
Currently, most solar lamps on the market have a life span of only one to two years due to battery life.

4. How can we use solar energy outdoors?

Solar lamps need sunlight to get enough energy.
Therefore, it is designed to be waterproof for outdoor use.

5. How can solar lamps save money?

There are

1:10% solar power, no electricity to pay.
The maintenance fee is much cheaper than that of LED lights.

2: No wiring required.
Customers do not need to ditch the solar lamps.
This saves electricians' costs and wires.

3: the solar lamp is easy to achieve intelligent control to save energy.

4: The luminous efficiency of solar lamp is 10% higher than that of electronic LED lamp.
Therefore, under the condition of constant brightness, solar lamps can reduce the power of LED.

6. How to fix the solar lamp?

There are 6 sections you need to check when the solar lamp is not working.
Battery, controller, LED, solar panel, switch and wire connection.
The most vulnerable parts are batteries, switches, controllers and wiring connections.
LEDs and solar panels rarely break down.
So the first step is to check that any electrical connections are loose.
Then replace the battery, switch and controller with a new one to check which battery is broken.

7. Can outdoor solar lamps work in cloudy weather?

If a cloudy day is not very dark, the solar lighting system can still generate electricity at very low power.
On a cloudy day, the solar panels produced only one-tenth to one-fourth of their maximum power on Sunday.
If a cloudy day is very dark, the solar lighting system will not work at all.
However, there are technical ways to ensure that solar lamps work 100 percent on cloudy days.
We can place the solar lamp on the grid to ensure that when the battery is turned off, the solar lamp can be fed through the grid.

8. Are solar lamps dangerous?

Electrically, solar lamps are much safer than electric lamps.
Because the solar lamp is low DC voltage, while the electric lamp is high AC voltage source.

However, some low-quality solar lamps contain low-quality lithium-ion batteries, which pose a risk of spontaneous combustion.

9. How long can the outdoor solar lamp last?

LED power, battery capacity and solar panel power determine the lighting duration of the nighttime solar lamp.
Solar lamps available on Amazon for $20 to $60 last between one and three hours at full brightness.
With motion dimming and automatic time dimming, solar lamps can be lit long enough for everyday home use.
For solar street lamps with larger battery capacity and power from solar panels, they can last overnight, for 3-4 cloudy days.

Why does the sun's rays fluctuate?

Reason 1: The wire connection is loose.
Reason 2: The controller is broken.

11. Can a solar lamp be filled with artificial light?

Artificial light can more or less charge solar lamps.
Full spectrum light is superior to narrow spectrum.
As a result, traditional bulbs charge solar lamps better than LEDs.

12. What is in the sunlight that we use to produce energy?

Solar panels produce electricity.
And it's the electricity stored in the battery.
The solar cells would then be able to use the energy from the cells to work at night.

13. What are the advantages of solar lamps?

Environmental causes

To save money to save money

Easier to install

A more secure

More energy efficient

Intelligent control

It is more convenient

More flexible investments

14. Has anyone ever used a solar lamp indoors?

For all portable solar lamps, you can place the solar lamps where there is enough sunlight.
And move it into the house at night.
Please note that you must ensure that the solar lamp has enough sunlight to charge the battery during the day.

15. Is it possible to charge the battery of the solar lamp in a traditional charger?

First, solar cells are 100% rechargeable.
Just make sure the voltage and currency specifications of the battery match those of a regular charger, and you should be fine.